"I've been thinking about emailing my ex-boyfriend. The one that went to Croatia."


"To tell him about us."

"To tell him what about us?"

"Everything, you know. Last time I saw him, I told him all about you. And he told me all about his girlfriend. We were together for five years, you really get to know someone for that long. I loved him, but we weren't compatible."

"But what do you want to tell him?"

"When were talking and I told him you twenty, he told me 'Go have your fun, and then breakup with him when you realize it's over. It can't be serious.' But... I'm starting to think this can be serious."


"That's why I got mad about the projector. Because I wasn't even thinking about it. About us breaking up. I just assumed. I was all rainbows."

She was all rainbows. And so was I. I think I am? We are?